Welcome To Unique Perspective

Unique Perspective, previously known as SAGE-WITHIN-us, is Dr. Kristin Rytter's private practice, helping children with severe speech and physical impairments, their families, and professionals succeed by utilizing a truly unique perspective.   She is the only Ph.D. with a profound physical disability, who helps children with disabilities, their families, and professionals succeed. 

Dr. Rytter obtained her doctorate in developmental psychology at the University of Washington in 2006.  She specialized in the ways babies and children gain new knowledge, such as learning to talk, using books, reading, spelling, and writing.  She not only knows how youngsters' mental capabilities progress over time, but she also knows ways to maximize learning. 

In graduate school, Dr. Rytter became fascinated by the ways typical learning processes might apply to children with severe speech and physical impairments.  The most well-known theory on children's learning claims that knowledge is gained through physical exploration of the environment, and children with severe physical disabilities are unable to do this exploration.  Through her studies, endless curiosity, and determination, she finally discovered a theory that attributes learning to engaging in natural social interactions and using everyday items, such as books, clocks, calendars, food, writing instruments, and telephones. 

Over the past twenty years - with her education, background, and uncanny sensitivity - she has adapted this social learning theory to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning experiences, mostly for children with severe speech and physical impairments. She offers these experiences through collaborative sessions, lecturing, and writing.

Her background is one of a child with severe athetoid cerebral palsy. This background, coupled with her educational interests and research, allows Dr. Rytter to hone into what individual children and their support systems need at a given time while providing them with a unique perspective to help them succeed with their goals, challenges, and need for fun.